10: It ever-so-slightly increases my daily physical activity, which is good for my health.

9: It keeps my family safer. Did you know that approximately 15,500 fires per year are started by clothes dryers?

8: I am outside, listening to birds. Instead of in the basement, listening to the dryer.

7: It is easier on my clothes than being tumbled about in very hot temperatures. No shrinkage!

6: The smell. Clothes and sheets that have been dried on the line smell like summer. They smell like air. I also use scent free detergent, so this smell is as unadulterated as it gets. I have become so accustomed to this smell that now the perfumes used in most laundry detergents make me feel a little sick.

5: No ironing. I’ve learned how to hang items of clothing so that they dry flat and relatively wrinkle free. Especially men’s shirts. If you unbutton them and hang them by the tips of the collar they dry smooth enough for casual wear. Dress shirts will still need a light press. But cotton sheets dry flat, instead of all bunched up by the tumbler. Whatever you hang, it will dry in that shape, so if you spread things out cleverly you can avoid a lot of ironing.

4: No starch. You probably don’t use starch in your laundry. But the dryer does leave clothes all soft and puddingy. This does feel nice to some. However, I prefer the stiffer feeling that comes from line dried clothes. Especially in bath towels. They get a little scratchy and feel like they are more absorbent.

3: Natural bleaching. The sun will bleach light yellowing out of your clothes. Chemical free!

2: A smaller electricity bill. An electric dryer is one of the biggest power guzzlers in the house. Eliminating it’s use can save around $25 per month.

1: A smaller carbon footprint. Seriously. Why burn oil (or use electricity generated from coal or oil) to dry my clothes when the sun is right there, willing to do it for nothing?