Think with your hands

October 29, 2009

Just a quick link.  I love Ted in general, it’s such an interesting site to troll around on.  This lecture by Tim Brown hit a few chords with me.  I love the phrase “think with your hands”.  I have certainly found that in my work.  I can sit and think myself in circles, but it is not until I actually start working in 3 dimensional space that the process starts to really start chugging along.

I do think it is a bit problematic, however, to promote this creative work = play meme.  Too much of that gets misunderstood by the non-creative population, who add it to their “creatives don’t ACTUALLY do any work” file in their head.  I think what Brown is actually getting at, here, though, is that the play approach allows you to do MORE work, and achieve better results.

Check it out…


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