July 9, 2009

Oh. It’s been a stellar year for slugs.  I’ve never really had a problem with them before.  But now I do.  The unrelenting rain has created the ideal environment for them and they are blossoming like daffodils in spring.  They ate up my little bean seedlings.  And now they’ve started on my lettuce, and my peppers, and my cucumbers.  I am mad.Slug guards

So, I am fighting back.  Here’s my strategy.  Their little soft bodies can’t handle the rough texture of metal screening, so I made little cuffs from it to wrap around the stems of the pepper plants.  (they already had paper cup cuffs to ward off cutworms) I also pulled back my straw mulch and found lots of them hiding under the straw.  Yuck.  So I picked them up with my garden shears (If you touch slugs with your bare hands you will get this disgusting slime that really really doesn’t want to come off.  Really.  Ask me how I know.) and stuck them in an old peanut butter jar.  (or the slug jug, as the 4 year old calls it)  And closed the lid.  I am going to decide what to do with them later.  For now, they are trapped, and the slithering around inside the jar is very entertaining to the 4 year old.   I got about 8 of them today.  Yucky little creeps.Slug hiding under my straw mulch,


3 Responses to “Slugs”

  1. amy said

    If you add dishsoap to the slugs in the jars it should kill them. I don’t know if it is painful or not. We are keeping our slug as a pet, but that is what I learned when I looked up keeping a slug in a jar online.

  2. Christine said

    In Washington State there are black slugs that are six to eight inches long. THOSE are no fun to step on! But not so ugly, for some reason.

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