Water Painting

June 29, 2009

Water paintingThe weather is finally cleared up enough for us to be outside, and yesterday I had a lot of gardening to catch up on, so I needed the girls to self-entertain for a while.   I set them up with a bucket of water and some paintbrushes.  It was terrific!  I painted a cat and a smiley face on the cement, to show them how it worked.  It only took a few moments before they grasped the idea and set off “painting” the house, the terra cotta pots, the wooden benches, the dog, and each other.  That was the only moment that I had to intervene and change the little one’s dress.  But, it was just water, it cleans up pretty easily.  Maybe when the weather gets hot they can paint each other on purpose.


6 Responses to “Water Painting”

  1. nikki said

    mom, you are awesome! love your blog.

  2. merritt said

    Stunning blog grrl (photos & text). After reading I became an RSSSOS feeder. Maybe a book one day?

  3. christarenee said

    Fun! We just did this at our house! Only I just gave H&L buckets of water and brushes and they “painted” the house and our rock wall, so no pictures. They loved it. Kept them busy for quite a while.

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