June 23, 2009

This “summer” has been pretty wet.  My snap peas have grown to over 6 feet tall, growing well taller than the chicken wire I’d set up for them to climb, and then flopped over from their own weight.

Our dog hasn’t fully dried out in about 3 days.

The basement is starting to smell mildew-y and the kids are going BONKERS from not going outside.  So, what to do?  We’ve made a fake snowstorm with styrofoam peanuts, exhausted the joy of playing with corn meal, made finger puppets, beaded necklaces, busted out the marble run.  All these things have been fun, but tomorrow we must get out of the house. Cabin fever is setting in quickly.

Truth be told, we’ve been traveling a lot the last couple weeks, which is why I haven’t posted much lately.  Road trips and visits to the grandma’s houses are good in the rain.  But only for so many days.  We’ve now spent 24 straight hours in the house.  Which is enough.  NOW WHAT?

Perhaps an outing to the library?  The YMCA?  IKEA?  Maybe we’ll do some tie-dying or something.  That sounds fun.  Stay tuned.


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