A bamboo irrigator for a strawberry pot

May 20, 2009

I found some strawberry planters at the job lot the other day.  And it has been time to relocate the strawberries that have been living in our raised bed garden for a long time.  They are getting crowded in there and they are taking up valuable real estate we could be using to grow other things.  Like cucumbers, or kohlrabi, or tomatillos, or melons.  mmmmm….

Anyway…. those planters are great but it can be tricky to keep the bottom sections watered.  They have a tendency to dry out and then it is very difficult to get the soil moistened again.  To solve this problem I cut a bamboo stick to length, just a couple of inches taller than the pot.  And drilled out the membrane between sections (actually I asked my husband to do it, because I was holding the baby and the camera). Then drilled little holes all over the piece of bamboo.

Drilling holes in bamboo

I inserted this in the center of the pot and the husband filled the pot with an organic potting soil.

Adding soil to strawberry planter

Now the pot is ready for the strawberries!

Strawberry pot ready for planting.


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